[Flent-users] an sce enabled flent server is now up in India, testers wanted

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Wed Jul 31 06:15:40 EEST 2019

The new linode data center finally went up last week in mumbai. Aside
from the ones in singapore and japan,
this is the furthest "out" of any flent servers we have.

sce-mumbai.taht.net # name might change

Right now this server is just under test!! it's the first kernel I've
had up with spectre mitigations, in a new dc, it's on a new vm
substrate, on a new version of ubuntu (19) and connectivity between it
and the rest of my cloud is "interesting" with some signs there's some
diffserv on ipv4 happening. So this is
just a test of a test idea for now.

I would *dearly* like to get a grip on multiple issues in india that
have been reported.

* IPv4 vs IPv6 availability
* Traceroutes (how many layers of nat?)
* Diffserv mangling
* ecn mangling
* flent tests over wifi from a variety of coffee shops and other
locations with it
* Tests from home of each major ISP (how many are there?)
* Tests taken in areas with really lousy wifi like train stations

I'd love to generically know paths and rtts to this server from around
the world also.

One thought I had was to actually pay students to go forth and test
from each location, I figured
buying lunch for 10 students for 10 weeks in 30+ different locations
might be enough
to get somewhere. (?) Too broke to do that at the moment... don't know
how many students
we could get... have no idea as to how common OSX and linux clients are...

Originally I'd planned to do this to just test bbrv2 vs cubic, (since
it's perpetually reported that policing is prevalent) but presently
what's up is a 100Mbit
htb + fq_codel_fast implementation with an sce_threshold of 262us
which is more than enough to trigger it nearly all the time. I'm still
sorting out what to test, but at 10 bucks a month for the first server
seemed like a good idea. The 5/month nanode vm I'm testing elsewhere.

It's got netperf, irtt, and fping.

iperf2 is also on this server. If there are any other test tools I
should roll out, I in general
need to do a major rebuild of much of the flent fleet since the sack
and rack cves came out.


Dave Täht
CTO, TekLibre, LLC
Tel: 1-831-205-9740

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