[Flent-users] [tohojo/flent] How to combine ping and tcp rtt onto one axis? (#173)

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen notifications at github.com
Thu Jul 25 13:50:48 EEST 2019

Pete Heist <notifications at github.com> writes:

> In tcp_nup.conf, I'm trying to create a dual axis plot that combines delivery rate on one axis along with ping and TCP RTT on the second axis, attempting like this:
> ```
>     ('tcp_delivery_with_ping_and_tcp_rtt',
>      {'description': 'TCP delivery rate with ping and TCP RTT',
>                   'type': 'timeseries',
>                   'dual_axes': True,
>                   'series': [
>                         {'data': glob('TCP**', exclude=['*fairness*']),
>                          'raw_key': 'tcp_delivery_rate',
>                          'label': 'Delivery rate'},
>                         {'data': glob('Ping (ms) *'),
>                          'label': 'Ping (ms)',
>                          'axis': 2},
>                         {'data': glob('TCP**', exclude=['*fairness*']),
>                          'axis': 2,
>                          'raw_key': 'tcp_rtt',
>                          'label': 'TCP RTT'}]}),
> ```
> But what I get when I try to display the plot is:
> ```
> ERROR: Aborting plotting due to error: Plot axis unit mismatch: ms/Mbits/s
> ```
> I tried setting units to 'ms' explicitly on the ping and TCP RTT data
> series, but that didn't fix it. Is this possible to do somehow?

Thank you for your persistent bug-finding efforts ;)

Yeah, this should be possible; let me do a quick fix...

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