[Flent-users] Announcing Flent v1.3.0

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Tue Jul 9 19:14:37 EEST 2019

Hi everyone

This is to announce the release of Flent v1.3.0. The automated Github
announcement already went out, but I figured I'd do a manual one as

Note that this will be the last release of Flent to retain support for
Python 2. The upstream end-of-life for Python 2 is now only around 6
months away, so anyone still using it should really think about

I have created a new branch ('flent-1.3.x') in the Flent git repository
that is based on this release and that will retain the Python 2 support.
Bugfixes will be backported to that branch on a best-effort basis,
depending on demand for it. The master branch will change to explicitly
need Python 3.5+ to run. Support for older versions of matplotlib (<1.5)
will be dropped along with this change.

I expect to bump the version number to 2.0 for the next (Python 3-only)

Changes in v1.3.0 since v1.2.2 include:

- New --data-cutoff parameter filter data outside a specified time interval when
  plotting or formatting. This is useful for, e.g., showing flow behaviour after
  steady state has been reached for long-running tests.

- New cc_algos test parameter to set per-flow congestion control algorithm being
  used by Netperf for TCP flows.

- Storing lots more metadata from Netperf data series, including total elapsed
  time, total bytes sent and received and reported TOS.

- Fixes to plot label override settings.

- Option to copy metadata to clipboard from GUI right-click menu.

- Support for passing DSCP mark values to Iperf.

- Lots of bug fixes, mostly in the plotting and display code. And better test
  coverage to hopefully prevent things regressing again.

- Addition of .appdata.xml file for the GUI, and an RPM spec file for packaging
  on RPM-based distros.

As always, the Flent source is available via PyPi. The sha256 checksums
for the source code archives are:

beff3abac10fa4954651d01789e561bdbb5ee11babac4cfe7ad97eb23d4d4a2d  flent-1.3.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl
a7111e975aa77ef45fd63a264e0d49b352cbb4a9e69f83674c4dc207623a2725  flent-1.3.0.tar.gz

Updates to the PPA and Debian repositories will be available shortly.
And as a new feature for this release, I am also working on RPM
packaging, so hopefully Flent should show up in Fedora soonish.

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