[Flent-users] Testing with multiple station, voip and some question between server client

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Thu Jan 4 16:00:17 EET 2018

Louie Lu <git at louie.lu> writes:

> Cool, thanks for your reply,
> this should be added to the quick-start page, where can I make a PR
> for flent.org?

The flent.org page is the HTML output of the documentation in the doc/
subdirectory (build with spinx; `make doc` from the flent repo root
builds it. A pull request would be much appreciated!

> Also, I found that currently, PyPI flent isn't using the 1.1.1-git
> version (is 1.1.1), thus at that point
> I only saw D-ITG in conf and flent.org documentation.

Yeah, a new release is needed with this feature, but we ran out of time
before the holidays. Should get around to that within a week or two :)

> After looking in mailing-list I saw the commit and install flent from
> GitHub with `Flent 1.1.1-git-2d0cd05` which include the itff runner so
> can use it. And documentation didn't mention this.

I'll be sure to update the documentation before making the new release!


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