[Flent-users] Testing with multiple station, voip and some question between server client

Louie Lu git at louie.lu
Wed Jan 3 16:23:49 EET 2018

Hi all,

According to this post:

Flent can be used to test multiple stations at once, but how can I do that?

* Some options to setup  /or
* Record in multiple clients and gather the log file to generate the figure.

Also, when I testing VoIP, and control host have setup ITGRecv:

$ flent voip -p totals -H --control-host --ditg-control-port 9000 -v

Output said it will end in 60 seconds, but after about 5 minutes, it
still hangs at there, how can I know flent is running which command in
this test case?

And the last, what does it mean about server and client in flent?

If I have a network like this:

Control -> AP -> Multiple stations

And I want to test AP tx performance, should I set control as server,
and use flent on stations, or flent on control with netperf server on


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