[Flent-users] Announcing Flent v1.2.0

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Tue Feb 6 20:29:43 EET 2018

Matthias Tafelmeier <matthias.tafelmeier at gmx.net> writes:

>> Note that I'm considering dropping support for Python 2 in future
>> versions of Flent. So if you rely on Python 2 support, now is the time
>> to speak up!
> That's my call then. Not so straightforwad to converge a large landscape
> to a uniform Py 3 version. So, please, defer this.

Right, can do. There's no pressing need to do so right this minute; just
be aware that I don't do too much testing with Python 2, so I may miss
any compatibility issues not caught by the unit tests. But won't break
things on purpose for the time being; and feel free to open bug reports
for anything I've missed :)


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