[Flent-users] IRTT question

Sebastian Moeller moeller0 at gmx.de
Thu Feb 8 21:32:42 EET 2018

So after reading the announcement, I went an tried my luck with irtt installed on macosx 10.12.6: irtt is installed and local tests seem to work, but I only get:

which: Found irtt executable at /Users/user/go/bin/irtt
UDP RTT test: Cannot use irtt runner (Irtt connection check failed: [OpenTimeout] no reply from server
). Using netperf UDP_RR

Now, is this supposed to work for macosx at all with irtt? I tried from two different networks and both times the same irtt "demotion" to netperf (not that there is anything wrong with netperf)
Silly question, do I need to run irtt as root?

Best Regards

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