[Flent-users] [tohojo/flent] packet loss stats (#106)

Pete Heist notifications at github.com
Mon Nov 20 14:52:14 EET 2017

> On Nov 20, 2017, at 1:11 PM, Toke Høiland-Jørgensen <notifications at github.com> wrote:
> Pete Heist <notifications at github.com> writes:
> > G.711 can be simulated today with `-i 20ms -l 172 -fill rand
> > -fillall`. I do this test pretty often, and I think it would be a good
> > default voip test.
> The problem with this is that it also changes the sampling rate. I don't
> necessarily want to plot the latency every 20ms, so I'd have to
> compensate for that in the Flent plotter somehow. Also, a better way to
> deal with loss would be needed.

I wondered if/when this would come up… Why not plot the latency every 20ms, too dense? I guess even if not, eventually at a low enough interval the round trip and plotting intervals would need to be decoupled, no matter what plot type is used.

If we want to minimize flent changes, irtt could optionally produce a `round_trip_snapshots` (name TBD) array in the json with elements created at a specified interval (`-si duration` or similar) that would summarize the data from multiple round trips. For each snapshot, there would be no timestamps, but the start and end seqnos would be there (if needed), mean delays and ipdv, counts (or percentages?) of lost, lost_up or lost_down, etc. I’d need to spec this out, but would something like this help?

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