[Flent-users] [tohojo/flent] packet loss stats (#106)

Pete Heist notifications at github.com
Fri Nov 17 16:08:00 EET 2017

The `-n` and `-timeouts` parameters have been added to the client, and are documented in the usage. Quick examples:

tron:~/src/github.com/peteheist/irtt:% ./irtt client -timeouts 250ms,500ms,1s,2s -n
[Connecting] connecting to
Error: no reply from server
tron:~/src/github.com/peteheist/irtt:% echo $?
tron:~/src/github.com/peteheist/irtt:% ./irtt client -timeouts 250ms,500ms,1s,2s -n
[Connecting] connecting to
[Connected] connected to
[NoTest] skipping test at user request
tron:~/src/github.com/peteheist/irtt:% echo $?                                               

I don't know how aggressive you want to go on open packet timeouts, but I set a minimum at 200ms so users won't be as tempted to abuse public servers. Default Linux TCP syn timeout looks to be hardcoded at 3s,6s,12s, etc. I think our default of 1s,2s,4s,8s is fine in this day and age. In flent, I think 250ms,500ms,1s,2s would be one way of being pretty sure whether a server is running or not in a reasonable amount of time (3.75s), but I don't know what actual the time constraints are.

I took a quick look at the irtt runner in flent. Looks good, my only comment is that `-fill rand` and `-fillall` aren't necessary because there's no payload (whose length would be specified with `-l`). Seeing that though made me add a micro-optimization to not call Read with an empty slice on the Filler when there's no payload requested. So if you want to leave those params in anticipation of using `-l` later, it's probably fine.

That makes me think, any reason we can't use irtt for the voip tests? There could be tests simulating some different codecs with different intervals and payload lengths, if we wanted:


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