[Flent-users] Query regarding AQM test in Flent

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Wed Nov 8 02:16:23 EET 2017

Sourabh jain <jainsourabh679 at gmail.com> writes:

> Hello Toke,
> Thanks for suggestion, it helped a lot.
> I tried password less ssh with router and got the packet drop statistics
> with *rrul *test.
> I also want dealy plot, but It is not available in rrul test. So I tried
> same thing with qdisc-stats test but it is giving warning and errors.

If you're getting the drop plot, the collection is working correctly.
You'll only get delay values if the qdisc you are using reports it;
which only the codel and pie qdiscs do, unfortunately. For anything else
you'll have to infer queueing delay another way (like looking at RTT/OWD
values while running the test).

> Command: ./run-flent qdisc-stats -p delay --test-parameter
> qdisc_stats_hosts=pg at
> --test-parameter qdisc_stats_interfaces=enx000000001220 -l 60 -H
> -t test -o test.png

The qdisc-stats test was something I added when I initially added this
feature, and it may have bitrotted; I'll have alook. But in any case
it's not terribly useful by itself, so should probably just be removed.


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