[Flent-users] [tohojo/flent] tcp_rtt plot doesn't seem to work with rrul_be_nflows (#116)

Pete Heist notifications at github.com
Wed Nov 15 18:37:52 EET 2017

Hi, just noticed that when I run these commands there's no data plotted in the resulting plot title_tcp_rtt.png (copying from a script so this is just a rough idea of what I'm doing):

flent rrul_be_nflows -l 60 -H -p all_scaled \
	--figure-width=10 --figure-height=7.5 \
	--socket-stats \
	--test-parameter upload_streams=4 \
	--test-parameter download_streams=4 \
	-t title -o title.png

flent -p tcp_rtt -i *.flent.gz -o title_tcp_rtt.png

I just pulled this from the head to make sure. If I run an `rrul_be` test instead, the `tcp_rtt` plot does contain data as expected, so it seems like it's something with `rrul_be_nflows` that happens during plot generation. I can see `tcp_rtt` values in the .flent.gz file.

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