[Flent-users] Query regarding AQM test in Flent

Sourabh jain jainsourabh679 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 18:03:09 EET 2017

Hello Toke,

Thanks for suggestion, it helped a lot.

I tried password less ssh with router and got the packet drop statistics
with *rrul *test.

I also want dealy plot, but It is not available in rrul test. So I tried
same thing with qdisc-stats test but it is giving warning and errors.

Command: ./run-flent qdisc-stats -p delay --test-parameter
qdisc_stats_hosts=pg at
--test-parameter qdisc_stats_interfaces=enx000000001220 -l 60 -H -t test -o test.png

Warning: Warning: No interface given for tc runner. Defaulting to 'eth0'.
Error: Cannot find device "eth0"

No .gz file is being generated by *qdisc-stats *test.

I am not sure whether I did some mistake in command or Flent doesn't allow
qdisc_stats_interfaces and qdisc_stats_hosts for *qdisc-stats *test*.*

I tried with -L option but I am not getting any insights from log file. I
am attaching log file in case you need.

Thanks and Regards,
Sourabh Jain

On Sat, Oct 28, 2017 at 6:59 PM, Toke Høiland-Jørgensen <toke at toke.dk>

> Sourabh jain <jainsourabh679 at gmail.com> writes:
> > My doubt is the statistics collected by Flent is belong to which queue
> n0.
> > n1 or n2?
> > Or it is a drop counted at transport layer like n0, place where Flent is
> > installed?
> If you haven't configured anything else, Flent only collects statistics
> from the host it is running on (n0 in this instance). To collect
> statistics from n1 as well, you'll need to do a bit of setup:
> - You'll need to configure n1 so that the user running Flent on n0 can
>   connect to it over ssh without supplying a password (i.e., ssh
>   passwordless key login). It is a good idea to do this via a separate
>   control network (a separate link between n0 and n1 that is not the
>   link you are running tests on).
> - Once you've done this you can instruct Flent to include n1 in its pre-
>   and post test metadata collection via the --remote-metadata option.
> - If you also want qdisc drop statistics over the duration of the test,
>   you'll need to use the qdisc_stats_hosts and qdisc_stats_interfaces
>   test parameters (see the section on 'Test parameters' in the man
>   page). You'll probably want to capture statistics from both interfaces
>   on n1, so you could supply parameters like: --test-parameter
>   'qdisc_stats_hosts=n1,n1' --test-parameter
>   'qdisc_stats_interfaces=eth0,eth1'
> If you're running many tests in this fashion, it can be useful to put
> all your configuration options into a batch file and have Flent read
> that. See the files 'batchfile.example' and 'flent-paper.batch' that are
> distributed with the Flent source, and the man page for the --batch-*
> parameters.
> > Any suggestion would be useful.
> Hope the above helps. Otherwise, feel free to ask more questions :)
> -Toke
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